A Simple Guide to Implement an ERP System


Many conventional ERP users complain that ERP applications are rigid and inflexible to use in today’s dynamic business environment. myERP.id strives to provide an easy-to-use and easy-to-implement ERP experience. So that you don’t waste much time (and loss) in adopting a new system, you will still be able to synergize to create more efficient business activities in your business environment.


Today there are still many conventional ERP applications that still use a rigid and old-fashioned look, so they are not comfortable enough for the user. The rigid design also makes the user feel uncomfortable and takes a lot of time to adapt to the application.
In addition, conventional ERP applications are generally still designed using old technology which requires a long time for customization and development (which almost always happens in every ERP implementation), so it takes a very long time for the implementation process.
Conventional ERP in general also has complex and rigid business processes so that it can be adapted to business processes according to the wishes of the user, so this often becomes an obstacle in the implementation process,

myERP.id is designed using a user-friendly and pleasing to the eye interface so that users will be very adaptable and have a pleasant experience using ERP applications.

myERP.id is designed using Java technology and uses a special framework that facilitates the customization and development process so that changes needed during implementation can be made quickly.

myERP.id has very flexible business processes so that it can quickly adopt user desires to run the best business processes for use in their business environment.

myERP.id has many “short cuts” that will cut the implementation process so that the system implementation process is more efficient.

myERP.id is easy to continue to develop for future needs, so it is always up to date and always follows business demands in the modern era


myERP.id merupakan aplikasi ERP yang didesain untuk mudah digunakan, mudah diaplikasikan, serta mudah dikembangkan. Didesain untuk cepat beradaptasi dengan pesatnya perkembangan dunia industri.

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