ERP Trend Trends for 2021


Since 2019, the world has been hit by a pandemic. Many companies are forced to ask employees to work from home.
So that the need for reliable and reliable applications that can be accessed from various places and able to handling large numbers of access becomes very important.
Many ERP applications fail when they are forced to be accessed online, and many are unable to consolidate data from many company branches. is here to answer all these challenges, where has been proven to be accessible online and with an integrated database architecture can consolidate centralized data from all branches of the company, and can be accessed by many users and large amounts of data.


Salah satu tuntutan bisnis di era saat ini adalah tentang integrasi data. menggunakan database postgreSQL yang mampu mengelola data dari puluhan giga hingga ratusan giga byte, serta dikenal dengan ketangguhannya sehingga
dapat memberikan jaminan kemanan bagi penggunanya. Dengan menggunakan arsitektur database yang terintegrasi, sehingga dari awal sudah didesain secara terintgrasi
tidak ada proses konsolidasi antar departemen, cabang, dan perusahaan karena pada dasarnya semua data itu sudah terintegrasi didalam sebuah database besar yang digunakan secara bersama sama.

Kebutuhan lain untuk trend ERP dimasa kini adalah kecepatan adaptasi terhadap perubahan bisnis. didukung dengan myERP Framework yang dapat dengan mudah untuk proses kustomisasi dan proses pengembangan aplikasi sehingga
dapat dengan mudah dan cepat untuk mengikuti perubahan dan tuntutan bisnis yang diperlukan di era saat ini.

One of the demands of business in today’s era is about data integration. uses a postgreSQL database capable of managing data from tens of gigabytes to hundreds of gigabytes, and is known for its toughness so that
can provide security guarantees for users. By using an integrated database architecture, has been designed from the start there is no consolidation process between departments, branches, and companies because basically all the data is already integrated in a large database that is used together.

Another requirement for today’s ERP trends is the speed of adaptation to business changes. is supported by the myERP Framework which can easily be used for the customization process and the application development process so that can easily and quickly to keep up with changes and business demands needed in today’s era.

The demands of industrial 4.0 for the industrial world are also something that is of special concern to us, therefore is now equipped with various interfaces to interact with other applications and other devices (iot, microcontroller, etc.)
and supports cloud systems and mobile applications

Conclusion is an application designed to be able to follow ERP trends and current needs and demands to support current and future business developments.

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